Everyone talks about what you get when you succeed, they talk about whats at the end of the road. They love talking about the Lamorghinis, the big houses, the $100,000 they made off of shopify this month, etc.

What very few talk about is what is actually required to reach these milestones. What does it take to bring in this seemingly infinite amount of cash? When people are faced with the reality of what is required in order to get this money they cry about it and give up, but it is those who grit their teeth and plow through the storm who will succeed.

Prepare to eat shit and cry. Prepare to pack 20 years of work into 10. If you can work through this, there isn’t much that can stop you from succeeding.

First tip, Say goodbye to your free time. Everyone loves the occasional weekend movie or being able to relax and watch tv in the evenings after work. Many people would rather play video games than work hard to reach their goals, which I can’t blame them for. Video games are a lot more fun than dealing with blood, sweat, and tears. No one likes to work any harder than they have to, and most are content with living a life that is marginally better than average.

However, for those who are looking for something more, for those who despise being average, those people will have to work harder than everyone else. With this fact, you must kiss your free time goodbye. When you see your progress, you will begin to prioritize it over the trip to the bar, or a few hours of thumb excercises on the computer. You will come the realization that it is better to save your free time for when you are older and need it, rather than while you are alert, healthy, and capable of pulling off long nights.

Be sure that through your long nights of hard work, you remain flexible. Keep your eyes open for any opportunity that arises and be able to capitalize on it. The worst thing ever is seeing an opportunity and not being able to capitalize on it due to your work hours. Life may get in the way at times, your income may fluctuate or situations may change and you must adapt, but this sacrifice is necessary. If you want to retire early, being able to capitalize on new opportunities will be key.

Work is not for when you get older, doing that will leave you in an endless rat race with hardly any way to get out. Work now, while you are young and capable to build the foundation for stress free retirement. And no, I’m not talking about retirement at 65, im talking about retirement at 35…

Whats more important? Your dreams and success or a week in France sipping on the finest wines, eating the best baguettes, and standing at the top of the Eiffel Tower?

If your answer is the latter, stop reading.

Your priorities are screwed and I can’t help you, no one can. No matter how badly you want to go to France, put that on the sidelines for when you retire. If you stay strict with these rules and stay smart, you’ll get to France soon anyway.

Taking time off to travel will only slow you down. It will rob you of your momentum and prevent you from reaching your goals.

You can’t build a home on the diurt, you need a solid foundation, and the same can be said for your future.

Your trip to France can wait, building the foundation for your future cannot.

This is one that gets most people. Many refuse to let go of their nightly trip to the bar or constant dinners with friends. In order to find true success financially, you will give up large amounts of personal life. This part sucks, but it is necessary, especially if you have friends that hold you back from reaching your goals. Even if a friend is happy for you and encourages you in your pursuit of wealth and success, if they are not willing to support you, or their habits interfere your pursuit, you must let go.

When you realize that there is almost always something more productive to do, you will begin to avoid these nights out or short trips in the town.

Some of your friends, if the friendship was shallow, will grow envious or angry about your success, they’ll want a peice of it just because they know you. Others will try to bring you back down to their level purely because they think you don’t deserve what you have made for yourself.

In your pursuit of success you may end up working strange hours. You may be working more, or at times when your friends and family aren’t. 

This is possibly the most important part, practice delayed gratification. Everyone wants something right now and many will sacrifice their future to get it. You can indulge here and there, but constantly upgrading is a fools game.

Think of this life as a cookie jar with a lock that seals the lid. You can have one cookie a day for the rest of your life, or you can take 100 right now. However, if you take the 100 cookies, the jar will be locked forever. You will not be able to get any more cookies.

This is a stretched and a amusing analogy, but it proves my point. Many people would reach their hand in, grab one cookie, realize how good it tasted, reach in for one more, and another, and another until they have reached their cap and the jar seals forever. They are too invested in the present that they forget that if they just practice delayed gratification they could have a LOT more cookies over time.

Instead of taking the time to save up their cookies to freeze and thaw out for later, or to reverse engineer the recipe, they simply take all they can in the moment, and are left with little to nothing in the long term.

In order to succeed, at least to the extent that I asume you want, you HAVE to set things aside for later, you HAVE to have something to fall back on in case of emergency, and you HAVE to learn the recipe to make those cookies yourself. That way, after a while, you won’t even need the cookie jar anymore…

You can make your own magic cookie jar.

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As your first book to read during your self-improvement challenge, I recommend you read Ed Latimore’s Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Super Power.

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