Failure comes to everyone. It may be today, tomorrow, or even years down the road, but eventually, it will come. It will come in both large and small portions, it will devastate and inconvenience you. However, it does not define who are or who you will be. If handled properly, it will only represent growth. Failure is not the end all be all. Failure is something we invented for ourselves, it’s simply an excuse we use to give up when things get difficult.

Success is defined by our ability to persist through difficult times. It is made possible when our ability to push through failure finally yields results.  Success is found when we say no to the impossible. When we realize that anything we want to do, we can do. This isn’t intended as some cheesy cliche even though it may sound like it. This is a simple fact, and it’s just how the world works. It rewards those who see the impossible or simply difficult as possible and doable. All you have to do is look at some of the most successful people in the world today to realize this. Not a single one of these people gave up when things got rough. They persisted, and put everything they had into making their desires, their dreams, a reality.

An example of one of these people, whether you like him or not, is Steve Jobs, now gone, but still a man who defined generations. The phone you likely have in your hand right now was only made possible because one man had an idea and wouldn’t give up on it until it became reality.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon, is yet another example, there are interviews of him telling people in 1999 what he wanted Amazon to look like in the future. He listened to people tell him that it would be impossible to achieve what he wanted to achieve, but he did it anyway.  Jeff told everyone that if Amazon was not the leading retailer in the world in the near future, that he would be very disappointed. Now, even through some very dark times in the 2000’s Amazon is not only the biggest retailer, but is also one of the largest website and cloud hosting agencies in the world. Amazon also dominates the shipping industry and so many others that it’d be ridiculous for me to list them here. This all came from the mind of one man. It came from his persistence and desire to create something great.

One last example is Bill Gates of Microsoft, the creator of the most widely used operating system in the world. This one man set out to make the computer easy to use and accessible to the world. No one ever imagined computers could or would work the way they do today, and you have one man with a crazy idea to thank for that.

The bottom line is that by refusing to fail, by telling yourself that one way or another, even at the expense of everything that you have, you will make your dreams come true. Desire & persistence are just two of the many powerful tools for success and they are readily available to anyone who dares to use them.

Think & Grow Rich is one book that I love to read which speaks to this very clearly. There are still some secrets that I’m yet to learn from it, but that wont keep me from sharing it.

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